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The 4 Step Guide to Exploring Attacker Infrastructure with Web Assets

What do I Mean by Web Assets? In general, when I refer to web assets, I mean files that are loaded into the main HTML of a site via HTML…

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Cybersecurity Defense Competitions: Inspiring the Next Generation

On April 7th, I had the pleasure of participating in the 3rd annual Department of Energy (DOE) Cyber Defense Competition hosted jointly at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Pacific Northwest National…

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Increasing the Overlap Between IT Security and Domain Expertise

A note to the reader: here at DomainTools, we usually use the word “domain” to mean something very specific, namely, a domain name on the Internet. In this article, we…

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Parasitic Computing Implemented

By Joshua Crowgey and Matt Erhart Periodically, the mind of an engineer will be prone to wandering and thankfully, here at DomainTools, we have a process that corrals these thoughts…

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Moving Target Defense and DNS Fast Flux

By Mike Thompson *Disclaimer: Mike Thompson holds a patent on one moving target defense technology and has a patent pending on a second technology. In his previous position at Argonne…

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Who’s that Knocking at the Front Door?

The title of this blog could lead you to believe that this post is an advertisement for the newest doorbell camera. It isn’t. The front door I am referring to…

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In the Shadow of Murphy’s Law: Designing for Failure

Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” As a Data Systems Engineer, I write and maintain the systems we use to gather, process, and analyze our large…

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The Beer Necessities: An Introduction to Danby the Kegerator

DomainTools employees are fortunate enough to participate in what we call “Hack Days” once a quarter. We’ve written about our hack days in the past, but today, I wanted to…

DomainTools Beginners Guide to Threat Intelligence
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Beginners Guide to Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is a hard field to break into. It requires a deep understanding of a number of different areas like information security, network security, application security, and web security….

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Which DNS records are best for easy listening?

Have you ever broken a chair arm, the passenger side mirror or even a car window? Well for any of you that have, I am almost certain duct tape was…