Author: Michael Thompson

__mt__ is a Data Systems Engineer at Domain Tools. He is interested in studying the Internet as an organism -- the way it evolves and changes over time, and what that means for organizations and individuals. Sometimes that requires the perspective of a penetration tester, sometimes a sysadmin, other times a software engineer or just a curious student. At his last job as a Cybersecurity Analyst at Argonne National Laboratory, he led the research team that wrote the pioneering study on Internet Infrastructure for the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Infrastructure Protection. He's also co-authored studies on cloud vulnerabilities and remote access to industrial control systems that are currently in use by analysts at the Central Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency. He holds multiple patents on server and network defense technologies. __mt__ has worn other hats in other lives. He came to technology through music and volunteerism, he's taught a variety of subjects in classrooms around the US and abroad, he was an Operations technician and System Administrator for Google during the early days of their great global data center expansion, and he has sold roadside produce all over the upper Midwest. His eclectic experience gives him a unique insight into the problems of computer security and privacy.
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Teaching InfoSec in West Africa: A Lesson in the Value of Diversity

I recently had the distinct pleasure of returning to the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Mbour, Senegal as a visiting lecturer. This was my second time teaching at…

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The 4 Step Guide to Exploring Attacker Infrastructure with Web Assets

What do I Mean by Web Assets? In general, when I refer to web assets, I mean files that are loaded into the main HTML of a site via HTML…



At DEF CON this year, I had the opportunity to participate in a capture the flag (CTF) competition that focused on industrial control systems (ICS). For those who don’t know,…

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Cybersecurity Defense Competitions: Inspiring the Next Generation

On April 7th, I had the pleasure of participating in the 3rd annual Department of Energy (DOE) Cyber Defense Competition hosted jointly at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Pacific Northwest National…

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Increasing the Overlap Between IT Security and Domain Expertise

A note to the reader: here at DomainTools, we usually use the word “domain” to mean something very specific, namely, a domain name on the Internet. In this article, we…

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Moving Target Defense and DNS Fast Flux

By Mike Thompson *Disclaimer: Mike Thompson holds a patent on one moving target defense technology and has a patent pending on a second technology. In his previous position at Argonne…