Author: Mark Kendrick

Mark has spent more than eight years at DomainTools helping major brand holders, cyber security companies, large Internet organizations and leading incident responders investigate online threats with DNS and Whois data. He has held engineering and product leadership roles at the company, led business development and partner integration activities, and pioneered sales relationships with major public and private organizations. Mark now leads partnership discussions with leading cybersecurity product companies and manages relationships with DomainTools customers in the public sector. He is based in Seattle, WA.
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DomainTools Iris App for Anomali

A few months back, in early 2019, I found myself on a customer call with a SOC manager who begrudgingly admitted how much his team had come to value the…

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How DomainTools and Phantom Work in Harmony so you can SOAR

One of the most exciting developments in the cybersecurity product space right now is elevation of orchestration software from a niche tool to an essential capability. Vendors and analysts have…

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DomainTools Iris for MISP

My mother operated a daycare and preschool out of our home when I was growing up. Everyone loved her, kids and parents alike, and things went along just fine, until…

DomainTools for Maltego
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The Sonny & Cher of Digital Intelligence Gathering

DomainTools for Maltego Leveraged by our colleagues for digital intelligence gathering through data mining and correlation, DomainTools for Maltego is helping customers map attacker infrastructure with domains and IPs. One…

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You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Pane of Glass

Introducing the New Iris Investigate API One of the most common refrains we hear from our customers is their pursuit of what they call “a single pane of glass.” They…

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The Benefit of Code Without Actually Writing It

I’ve been fortunate these last few years to meet with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of security teams of all shapes and sizes, with maturity ranging from a couple smart but embattled…

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Empower your proxy logs with the DomainTools App for Splunk

Today, we are announcing the release of a DomainTools app for Splunk that will help teams leverage their proxy and DNS logs for threat hunting, incident response and quick, in-context…

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The Times are a’ Changing: Security Requires Big Data Behavioral Analysis

Most people still think antivirus software, email filters, and automatic updates provide sufficient protection against online evil, and if something does get through, the worse that could happen is a brief loss of productivity while they clean up their machine from a bunch of popups. For them, it’s all about preventing an attack, and they believe their efforts are sufficient.

I witnessed first-hand the perils of such naïve thinking at the Blackhat conference last week in Las Vegas.


See DomainTools Data in a Whole New Light with Domain Report

Transformative Digital Products

I have a passion for digital products and their ability to transform how we communicate, how we do business, and even how we live.

Perhaps that’s why I feel a sharp pain in my head every time I see someone print out a web page or an email. It feels like a step backwards, and I can barely resist the temptation to expound on all the wonderful experiences they’re missing by reverting to such arcane practices.

Once, I visited someone in a corporate office whom I had been emailing instructions to. I asked them to please click the link I had included in my last email, and then watched in horror as they pulled down a three-ring binder with printouts of every email I had sent them, organized by date, complete with tabs and color-coded highlighting.

She was very proud; I nearly wept.

And so, it may surprise you that I’ve been one of the most stalwart champions and one of the principal designers of the new Domain Report product that we’re launching today. It certainly surprises me.


Announcing FREE Developer API Access

Ever wanted to build a cool Whois app, or augment your domain name or DNS site with DomainTools’ data? Now you can, for free!

With our new Developer API Access, you can get 500 Domain Profile and Whois lookups every month at no cost. That’s plenty to build a proof-of-concept or even to augment lookups on a small-scale site or app.

Wouldn’t your project be more impressive if you could flag domains that have history which pre-dates their create date? Include stats on how many other domains are on the same web host or name server. Our Domain Profile API will give you that–and more.