RSA 2019 Restaurant Guide

As all of you are well aware, RSA (which is arguably the largest information security conference) is just around the corner. This event is a great opportunity to connect with peers and vendors alike to learn from industry experts, share ideas, and most importantly, collect eccentric swag. Outside of the party scene (here’s my shameless plug, we have one on March 6th), there are a host of fantastic restaurants in the San Francisco area. In hopes of making your dining choices a bit easier, we included our 6 favorite restaurants (in no particular order):


Jane on Fillmore

Jane on Fillmore (not so surprisingly, located on Fillmore street), opened back in 2011. They focus on im-press-ing you with their coffee (see what I did there) as well as serving top quality pastries, breakfast, and lunch. Additionally, they center their attention on providing healthy options which are made daily from scratch. Might I also mention, they are known for their gluten-free bread.



Maybeck’s classifies itself as a new American classic restaurant. It is an iconic San Francisco neighborhood, Cow Hollow. It’s a small jaunt from Moscone, but well worth your troubles as they use top notch ingredients and have a fantastic atmosphere (unlike the restaurant on the moon, they have NO atmosphere).


Burma Superstar

Burma Superstar, which can be found in the Jordan Park neighborhood, takes pride in bringing you the taste and cooking from Burma. This particular restaurant is inspired by the rich history of Burma and surrounding countries.



Chef owner, Stéphane Meloni, a native of Nice, ran two family owned-restaurants in Antibes, France. The combination of his love for fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, and ripe olive trees, and being brought up in a family that fished on the Mediterranean makes for a delightful meal. You can visit Castagna in Cow Hollow.


The Dorian

The Dorian is located in the Marina district of San Francisco. They consider themselves ” a modern day parlor for the bohemians, libertines and freethinkers among us.” They are known for their savory American fare, whiskey, and martinis.


Anchor Public Taps

Anchor Public Taps is a great spot for those seeking a one-of-a-kind San Francisco experience. Here that you’ll find The Potrero Project; a collection of beers exclusively brewed in their pilot brewery for our Public Taps guests. They also have some of the best local food trucks scheduled daily, as well as a calendar of special events. You can find Anchor Public Taps in the Potrero Hill neighborhood.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!