Off and Running in 2014!

| January 30, 2014

aboutus_250x165marketingYear-end is a fantastic time for personal and professional reflection, something I finally made due time for this December. As we kick off 2014, I’m filled with two emotions: gratitude, and excitement. Let’s start with gratitude.

DomainTools hired eleven outstanding new employees in 2013 (hint: oldest employees at the top, newest at the bottom). As a company with 23 FTE, that means half the company was new last year. Great companies start with great employees. I am consistently thankful that we have such a strong team of people who come to work every day wanting to build innovative products that really make a difference for our growing clientele.

DomainTools was already a profitable company when I started here in 2009. In the years that followed it became even more profitable. 2013 was a year of investment. We invested almost every last dollar back into the company–in people, systems and data–as part of the plan to pivot the business to focus more on Whois and DNS data for network security, cybercrime investigation, online brand protection and competitive research. If you have seen our new homepage, then you already know this. Our Enterprise business in security and cybercrime investigation is growing rapidly. We’re funding this growth from cashflow, and are grateful that our shareholders are supporting us in this.

And of course, we are always thankful for you, our many clients. From our thousands of long-time individual users in the domain, DNS and brand investigation spaces, to our rapidly scaling enterprise clientele, thanks for being a DomainTools customer. As you might expect, most of our large customers, and 100% of those involved in security, write very tight confidentiality clauses into our contracts. So as much as I’d love to talk about them here, I can’t. We do however have an internal customer logo slide and it is….impressive. I look at it every day, and it makes me proud to count these organizations as clients of DomainTools. Thank you, to our clients who trust us to deliver real value to your exceedingly important work.

Now onto the second emotion: excitement for what’s to come. 2014 is when all of the hard work building our team, systems and data over the last few years will manifest itself more deliberately. From the beginning we have had a strategy of winning with data. There are industries and markets where pretty good is good enough. This isn’t one of them. At least, it’s not good enough for the clients we talk to on a regular basis. If it were, we wouldn’t have been able to triple our enterprise client base in 2013. DomainTools has put an enormous amount of work over the last 2 years in expanding the breadth of or our data set, in rebuilding our core data processing systems and APIs and in creating systems and architecture that can scale on data. On the back of this work, we’ve decided to ante up for a booth at the RSA security conference in San Francisco next month, our first time. If you’re going, please stop by and say hello!

On the product side, our customers will see improvements to all of the core Whois tools they have used for years. So far in January we have released an updated Whois History tool, launched an IP Monitoring tool, and more is on the way. Jeff Day will be talking more about that right here on this blog very shortly. And later in the year we will be releasing some exciting new products aimed at DNS research and discovery, including a ground-breaking new tool that puts the full power of all our datasets at your fingertips. Pro and Enterprise members who want to view some of the research tools we are testing, should contact client service and request access to our Labs area (hint, if you see less than five tools here then you need to request access to the non-public Labs tools)

All of the Product improvements in 2014 start with listening to our customers. Six of our new hires in 2013 are in client-facing roles. Our Marketing team’s top priority is to better understand the many DomainTools customer segments so we can improve our product development, packaging and pricing approaches to meet your needs. If you’re a customer of DomainTools you’re going to hear a lot more from us in 2014, and I ask that where appropriate you take the time to send us feedback on where we can improve to better meet your needs and expectations.

DomainTools has some very ambitious goals for 2014, and so far we’re off to an exciting start. I’m grateful for the trust of our three most important constituencies: our clients, our employees, and our shareholders. Here’s to a great year ahead!


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Tim Chen has been the CEO of DomainTools since its 2009 spin-out into an independent company. Tim has over 15 years experience as a sales and operations executive in internet-driven businesses, including 8 in the domain name and DNS space. Prior to this Tim spent seven years in business development executive roles with Internet and software companies in the Bay Area, and four years in the Corporate Finance group at J.P. Morgan in New York. Originally from Rochester, New York, Tim is a graduate of Haverford College and Stanford business school. When not in the office you can usually find Tim on his bike, on his surfboard (or falling off it), or sequestered away reading entirely too much about the Buffalo Bills' draft prospects.

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