DomainTools Overhauls Whois History – UX Upgrades Continue

| January 14, 2014

whois-history-screenshotWhen we rolled out our new website home page last November, we promised a transformation of our design and User Experience (UX) across our entire site.  And we’re not settling for superficial design changes, we are rethinking our UX to align with our users’ experiences and what they are trying to accomplish with our products.

One of the most powerful products DomainTools offers its members is our unique Whois History. Many of you visit Whois History every day—some, many times per day! This product contains valuable insight that can power many kinds of investigations, including researching the ownership history of a domain you wish to own, tracking down cyber-criminals and fraudsters before they hid behind Whois privacy protection and gathering evidence of ownership and usage of a given website.

Today, we’ve made all of that much easier. We’ve redesigned the Whois History UX to be more intuitive and to provide a huge boost in functionality  in order to accelerate your research. The new Whois History makes it faster for you to pinpoint significant events in the history of a domain, such as ownership, Whois privacy, and contact information changes. This will dramatically reduce the amount of time required to investigate historical changes to a domain.

What’s changed? Take a look!

  • Total layout and UX redesign—This is not mere window dressing! The new look enables you to quickly find dates with changed records, while viewing and navigating the data at the same time.
  • Filtering for fast search—Filtering helps you narrow a search and pull out those records that contain a specific bit of information, such as a person or organization name, phone number, physical address, etc.
  • Whois record changes highlighted—You can now view the specific changes that occurred highlighted within the documents themselves. No more hunting back and forth between two records to find the differences!
  • Screenshots with Whois records—Links to screenshots were added so you can track homepage changes at the time of the Whois record change without leaving the page.
  • Inline Reverse Whois lookups
  • Download and Bookmark records
  • …and, importantly, we have not removed any functionality. You’ll still be able to accomplish everything you always could—and more!

The new site should be easy to figure out, but if you want to accelerate your ramp to becoming a Whois History Power User, all the new features are explained in this help page and video link:

We are very excited about this update. Everything we do at DomainTools is aimed at helping you get the answers you need quickly and efficiently. We believe this update to Whois History delivers on that promise.

Check it out!

Jeff Day
VP of Product



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