DomainTools is on a Roll: January Product Updates

| January 22, 2014

ip-monitor-pageRegular users of DomainTools will have noticed quite a lot of updates in the last couple of months. Our product philosophy at DomainTools is to release new products, fixes and updates as soon as they are ready, instead of holding them back for a big grouped release. We believe this provides our users more value, fixes issues quicker and enables us to be more responsive.

On January 15, we released a major revision to our popular Whois History product, with a more intuitive UI and additional features. Now, we’re keeping things rolling with another round of new products and enhancements to existing ones, to place ever more investigative power in your hands.

  • New IP Monitor (Web Interface and API): Like our Domain, Brand and Name Server Monitor products, IP Monitor provides automated daily alerts for changes on an IP address. Specifically, it tracks the addition or removal of a domain resource such as a web site. This information can help you learn more about the organizations behind an IP address or the associated domains and save time in investigations. Learn more about the new IP Monitor in our User Guide.
  • Major Enhancements to Domain Search Coming Soon!: Domain Search offers a powerful capability to search domain name–and similar domain names–registration status across all worldwide TLDs. This updates provides an improved UI and enables domain professionals to assess the availability domain names across generic and country TLDs, as well as new gTLDs. Brand protection and legal professionals can investigate the breadth of fraudulent activity, including domain squatting and typo squatting, by quickly assessing the registration status of a brand string.
  • No Rollover Navigation: We heard you, and, well…we rolled over! We received enough feedback (negative) on the rollover action of the top level navigation to understand it was not very popular (understatement). So we changed this to “click to open.” We hope this works better for you and eliminates unwanted NBE’s (nav bar expansions). Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming.
  • Name Server Monitor API: Name Server Monitor is an monitoring product that provides automated alerts when changes take place on a DNS (Domain Name Service) server. By monitoring a name server, the user can gain valuable insight into additions, deletions or changes to a particular domain. Knowing this information can help in online investigations or competitive intelligence, as it can foreshadows important moves by a organization.
  • Mobile Site Enhancements: If you like to keep tabs on domain activity from the convenience of your phone or tablet hopefully you’ve enjoyed the improvements we’ve made to our mobile experience. New menus provide a cleaner design and layout improvements put the key information front-and-center.
  • Enhancements: A sister site of DomainTools,, is an excellent resource for at-a-glance information on worldwide domain activity, showing domain additions and deletions for major top level domains (TLDs), providing a comprehensive view of a vital statistic of the Internet as a whole. Check out the new graphical representation and improved overall layout.

These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to putting the Internet’s most comprehensive domain name and DNS data and research products in your hands. If you are not yet a DomainTools Professional or Enterprise member, consider starting a free trial to explore premium products like Whois History, IP Monitor, Domain Search, Reverse Whois and a host of other resources to advance your investigations. If you’re already a member and haven’t explored our latest offerings, we invite you to take a look. I also welcome your feedback–please feel free to email to let me know your thoughts, ideas, and requests across all products.

Happy investigating!

Tim Helming
Director, Product Management



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Tim Helming, Director of Product Management at DomainTools, has over a decade of technology product management experience. Areas of particular focus and interest are cybersecurity software and hardware, distributed storage and computing, and DNS/Whois. He has spoken at cybersecurity, technology channel, and media events worldwide.

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