Extreme Makeover for DomainTools Website

| November 3, 2013

We are very excited to present a new look and feel for DomainTools’ website!  This is the first of many changes to design, usability and architecture to come.  We have long wanted to update the look and usability of our website, but have prioritized delivering the best data, scalable and reliable infrastructure and innovative products over UI as we know that access to data is what drives value for you, our customers.

We are now undergoing a UI and usability refresh to bring our design up with today’s standards and ensure an efficient and positive user experience.  This home page and navigation redesign is just Phase One and includes major improvements to design, navigation, overall site usability and support resources architecture to make our customer’s experience better.

As I’m sure is apparently obvious, our new home page and solution pages reflect a significant new growth opportunity in our business; Enterprise sales for customers in the brand protection, cybercrime investigation and ad or social network markets.  As the leaders in domain name and DNS data intelligence, DomainTools holds incredible value to companies who want to use “internet data” to know who is attacking their networks or infringing on their brand on the Internet.  This evolution benefits everyone, as new revenue growth enables us to invest more in product innovation and data gathering.

We remain committed to the customers on which this Company was founded: Domain professionals.  While a home page and site redesign is a natural first step of a website overhaul, future improvements will bring much needed updates to our core Whois and domain research usability and provide valuable new research tools and data visualization elements.  Keep a close eye on the site, and this blog, as we rollout improvements as they are ready.

We’re excited about all the work that has gone into our new website.  Check out major updates in:Home page and solution pagesLabs_screenshot

  1. Design and navigation, across the entire site
  2. Re-architected support page for better search and easier access to help, product information and best practice resources
  3. New Solution Briefs and education collateral
  4. New “DomainTools Labs” section showcasing Nextgen product innovation
  5. Peek at upcoming products IP Monitor and Reverse IP Whois

We hope you like the new improvements.  I know the new design and logo will come as a shock for those who have gotten used to our look and feel over the last 6 years, but change is good and reflects our commitment to investing in the business. Look for more as we continue to rollout updates that make it easier for you, our members, to do the research and get the information you need.




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As the Vice President of Marketing and Product at DomainTools, Jeff has over 20 years in the high-tech industry. Starting out as a design engineer at Intel and spending the last 14 years in marketing and product management, Jeff has worked in big companies and startups, on technologies as vast as Cluster File Systems to InfiniBand software to IT Financial Management SaaS to Marketing Performance Management SaaS. Throughout all of it, Jeff maintains a passion for producing great products and driving successful high-growth businesses.

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  1. Miguel Perez says:

    This visual redesign is very much welcome. It is much more pleasing to the eye and easy to read.

    I’m not just waiting for the iPad app and you’re set.

    Great work!

  2. Maksim says:

    I really like the new look of DomainTools website,
    it looks professional, keep up the good work!