5 Tips for Developing a Competitive Intelligence Strategy Using DomainTools

| April 15, 2013

What DomainTools Products Can Shape Your Competitive Marketing Strategy?As a marketer, I rely on a wide range of tools every day to track campaign ROI and gain insight into the health and impact of the various DomainTools marketing programs I run.  Some of the tools I use (such as Twitter, ExactTarget, Facebook, and LinkedIn) provide their own metrics based on number of visits, specific content impressions/shares, overall engagement numbers, etc.

In addition to monitoring the pulse of current programs, it’s also very important to research and monitor what is developing in the market so you know how to best position your company.

Specifically, what are your competitors planning? Do they have upcoming product plans or launches in the near future? What does that larger strategy look like? What programs or promotions have they ran in the past, in addition to current offers?

How are you currently uncovering this information?

Before joining DomainTools, I wasn’t tapped into the fact that you can leverage domain name data to bolster your competitive intelligence. Here are 5 tips you can use to keep tabs on what different companies are up to in the marketplace —whether you’re a marketer, movie or gaming buff, CEO, product manager. Or, keep tabs on certain companies just for fun!


1. Monitor your trademarks/brand AND know when your competitors register new domains with Brand Monitor email alerts. You’ll get notified every time DomainTools discovers a domain name registration that includes an exact match with a brand name, trademark term, or other text string you indicate. This will help with you with proactively approach competitive planning.

2. See how your competitor’s website homepage has changed over time using Screenshots.com. You can see how the brand has evolved, how promotions changed, and uncover other key information.

3. Understand your competitor’s entire domain portfolio. As long as you have a key piece of information (name, address, phone number, for example), you will be able to uncover all the domain names associated with the specific piece of information you shared using the Reverse Whois tool. From the tally of domain names, you’ll gain a clearer picture of the company’s brand positioning and product plans (if there’s a domain name you weren’t aware of / isn’t built out yet).

4. After reviewing your competitor’s domain name Whois records, you may want to keep an eye on a specific registrant so you can be notified via email whenever a person or company registers a new domain, has one transferred to them, or transfers a domain out of their control.

5.  If you’d like ALL of the competitive information listed above, available in a simple PDF report, Domain Report makes it simple. You’ll get a complete picture of  your competitor’s current website’s lifeline including historical screenshots, historical Whois records, nameserver, registrar and IP address changes.


If you’re a DomainTools professional member, be sure to take advantage of all of these tools in addition to Reverse Whois and Domain Report!




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  1. Todd says:

    Its all about spying on your competition fore sure.
    In this day and time just about anything is up for grabs in the digital age.
    Its really not that hard.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now a days every firm or organization used different kinds of marketing strategies like some implemented brands or on the bases of different age groups,customer’s and taste on the bases of season they make the company products and on the bases of income they make product and launch in new markets different style or features market these are the strategies and give extra and free gifts to people they loyal view marketing.

  3. Veda says:

    Those are few points which make me love domaintools more. Using their free service also gives lot of information and anyone should try their free trial because the paid service is overdelivered.

  4. very nice your domain tools….