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| February 21, 2013

Brand Monitor DomainTools is well-known for Whois data:  whois lookup, whois history, and reverse whois reports.  But we also have a lot of other cool products that savvy clients utilize all the time.  Many of those products deal with domain names and DNS data, rather than strictly whois data.

Brand Monitor is a perfect example.  This product reviews new domain name registrations for brands and trademarks chosen by our clients.  Today we are excited to launch a significant expansion to that product, allowing our clients for the first time to monitor their brands across a much larger footprint of TLDs.

The first brand monitoring product we built many years ago only covered the biggest gTLDs with zone files:  com, net, org, biz, info and us.   Access to zone files allows us to definitively know that a new domain exists.  So if Yahoo wants to monitor all the domains that get registered every day with the string ‘yahoo’ in it, they can do so in these TLDs.  The counterpoint exists for TLDs (mostly ccTLDs) that do not publish zone files: for example if someone registered ‘yahoostinks.de’, the only groups that would know about that domain registration would be the registrant, the registrar, and DENIC.

We’ve asked nicely, but we don’t expect DENIC is going to start giving out its zone file anytime soon.  So we decided to solve this problem, on a best-efforts basis, ourselves.  Without giving away any secret sauce, let’s just say that domain discovery is hard work and that’s good because we’re not in the business of solving easy problems.  The result is 70-95% accuracy on domain lists across each of the non-zoned TLDs with over 100K registrations.  We’re not perfect, and in fact nobody can be absent zone files.  But now if someone registers ‘yahoostinks.de’ we will hopefully figure that out pretty quickly, and as soon as we do, Yahoo (or a Yahoo competitor? or a journalist?) would get notified if they are using our Brand Monitor product.

Why did we do this now?  Well, it’s long overdue.  And the Internet is no longer dominated by those 6 TLDs.  We have a much more global clientele than five years ago.  And we can’t wait for ccTLD registries to decide to publish zone files.  And of course this thing called new gTLDs happening in 2013:  now our Brand Monitor product can be easily extended for the new gTLDs that will launch this year.

If you want to know what is happening with your brand in these TLDs…

aero ar asia at au be biz br ca ch cn co com coop cx de dk edu es eu fi fr gov ie il in info jp la me mobi mx name net nl nu nz org pl pro ro ru se su sx te travel tw uk us рф xxx za

and monitor your brands as new gTLDs begin launching later this year…

Then check out our new Brand Monitor and read the press release about the bigger implications.  Also note that this new breadth of data is available via our API as well.

Happy hunting!


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Jesse is a Senior Engineer at DomainTools and has been with the company since 2008.

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  1. Mirza says:

    Interesting expansion of reach of BrandMonitor. Have you ever thought about releasing the usage stats of BM? Would love to know how many people actually use this cool tool to monitor their keywords.

  2. Monica says:

    Hi Mirza. Thanks for commenting! Hopefully you have discovered the power of Brand Monitor, and seen it in action? It’s one of our most popular membership-based tools, but we don’t publish specific usage statistics of our paying clients.

  3. Peter Mead says:

    Thanks for a great post. Yeah Monica, I gotta say it’s a powerful tool. The way that the Alerts come in with a summary at the top and detailed view and a breakown list. It’s in the top of my tool kit, for sure.