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| January 30, 2013

Today’s blog post is written by Mark Kendrick. Mark directs product management activities at DomainTools. He’s been with the company for over five years.

Transformative Digital Products

I have a passion for digital products and their ability to transform how we communicate, how we do business, and even how we live.

Perhaps that’s why I feel a sharp pain in my head every time I see someone print out a web page or an email. It feels like a step backwards, and I can barely resist the temptation to expound on all the wonderful experiences they’re missing by reverting to such arcane practices.

Once, I visited someone in a corporate office whom I had been emailing instructions to. I asked them to please click the link I had included in my last email, and then watched in horror as they pulled down a three-ring binder with printouts of every email I had sent them, organized by date, complete with tabs and color-coded highlighting.

She was very proud; I nearly wept.

And so, it may surprise you that I’ve been one of the most stalwart champions and one of the principal designers of the new Domain Report product that we’re launching today. It certainly surprises me.


Introducing Domain Report

Domain Report is simple to use: enter a domain name and we’ll gather nearly everything we know about it into a single downloadable document. With over a decade of ownership and hosting history at our disposal, years of website screenshots, and data from our Name Server Report and our patented Reverse IP Lookup, “everything we know” is a very comprehensive dataset.

Professional DomainTools Members already know how useful these data are.

We hear from them often about the essential role Whois History plays in their domain transactions and legal proceedings. Security professionals love our ability to connect domains together by IP address or Name Server, and they find Hosting History invaluable to help profile suspicious behavior. Everyone appreciates the context and clarity they get when we combine traffic and SEO stats, ownership counts and historical record dates with the up-to-date Whois record for a domain name.

Now, all that data is available in a single, professional package, optimized (ironically) for printing and delivered in a downloadable PDF document.

DomainTools Data Gains Context & Structure

When you view your first Domain Report, you’ll quickly see how meaningful the data becomes with the right context and presentation, especially for someone who isn’t as experienced in domain names generally or DomainTools products specifically.

That’s because Domain Report is more than just data. We built the document with formatting, headers, meta text, and professional layout techniques to lend it stand-alone authority and credibility that your own copy/paste techniques or desktop screenshots never get, especially if they’re supporting your own claims.

Then, as you’re scrolling through pages of neatly formatted Whois history records and website screenshots, add up all the time you saved not having to compile and format that data yourself, and you’ll begin to see what a tremendous value this report is.

Another great thing about these PDF reports is that they always cost the same regardless of size: our introductory price is just $49 each. Plus, you’ll find a link on every Whois Lookup to a free report preview that tells you exactly how much data you’ll get in your report.

If you’re skeptical, take a look at a Domain Report on our own domain name. You can view it free of charge and we’ll even update it periodically so you can keep tabs on us.

Finally, if you’re one of those compulsive printer people whose greatest terror in life is that the printer runs out of toner before you run out of things to print, I empathize with you. Digital data is often messy and disorganized, and the tools we give you to deal with it are too often poorly matched to your needs.

Domain Report is a digital product with wide-reaching applications and use cases I’m sure we haven’t even thought of yet. This is a version 1.0 product and we plan to include more data and more customization options for our users in future updates.  That’s why we want to hear from you on how you plan to use it and what we can do to improve it.  We’ll monitor comments on this blog post closely for your feedback.



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Mark has spent more than eight years at DomainTools helping major brand holders, cyber security companies, large Internet organizations and leading incident responders investigate online threats with DNS and Whois data. He has held engineering and product leadership roles at the company, led business development and partner integration activities, and pioneered sales relationships with major public and private organizations. Mark now leads partnership discussions with leading cybersecurity product companies and manages relationships with DomainTools customers in the public sector. He is based in Seattle, WA.

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