8 SEO Blogs you must follow in 2013

| January 14, 2013

Ben is the SEO & Analytics Manager for DomainTools. He works closely with everything from Google Analytics and SEOmoz to Adwords and Adzerk.

2012 was a year of massive change in SEO. Google threw the proverbial farm at us with algorithm updates that shook up the landscape and led SEOs to question everything we thought we knew about “good SEO”.

In light of all these changes, who can you trust to bring the best SEO thinking in the industry? Who is bringing new insights and methods? Who is collecting important data that leads to new breakthroughs? Who is doing the work?

Here are the SEO blogs that earned a place in my reader and should be in yours too:

Top 8 SEO Blogs for 2013

  1. Point Blank SEO (Jon Cooper) 
    I’ve been hooked on Jon Cooper’s blog ever since I came across The Most Creative Link Building Post Ever. While the level of thinking in that post blew my mind, it was the fresh ideas that Jon himself consistently delivers such as Scrape Rate and CRO Link Building that moved him to the top of the list.
  2. Dejan SEO (Dan Petrovic)
    Dan created huge waves in the industry when he released How I Hijacked Rand Fishkin’s Blog, but he hasn’t stopped there. His Mind Blowing Hack for Competitive Link Analysis gave us an entirely new way to discover links. His analysis of Learning from ex-Googlers shared insights on how Google insiders think about search. I am expecting more greatness in 2013.
  3. John Doherty
    With gems such as A Blog is Not a Content Strategy and SEO for Longtail, John is clearly doing the work (and walking the talk).
  4. Skyrocket SEO (James Agate)
    If Guest Posting is on your agenda for 2013, you absolutely must pay attention to James Agate and crew at Skyrocket SEO. 30 Ways to earn more Guest PostsGuest Posting on Corporate Blogs, and How to Evaluate Guest Post Opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg.
  5. SEONick (Nick Eubanks)
    I had never heard of “pumpkin hacking” before, but seeing Nick use it to grow from 0 to 100,000 Visitors per Month has got me paying attention.
  6. SEOGadget (Richard Baxter)
    Large-scale link outreach and keyword analysis can be super time-consuming until you realize the power of Excel combined with APIs. SEOGadget has done the work of making this easy with their Links API and Keyword API.
  7. SEOWizz (Tim Grice)
    Tim gave us hope with Link Building Still Works and then followed up with fantastic real world data in The Disavow Tool Works! Real Sites, Real Recoveries! Though his posting has slowed down as of late, I’m hopeful for more great real world data from Tim in 2013.
  8. Cucumber Nebula (Peter Attia)
    No matter where you fall on the white-hat to black-hat spectrum, Peter shared some super creative insights in Grey Hat SEO Tactics that Work. They can still suit your white-hat objectives with a little modifying. Looking forward to what he comes up with next.


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Who will you be following in 2013?



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Ben Krull is the SEO & Analytics Manager at DomainTools.

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  1. Great recommendations! There’s a few on here that I know and love, and a couple I am only discovering now thanks to your post. In the SEO world blogs are key since information is changing so quickly, this list is gold, thanks again!

  2. Ben Krull says:

    Thanks Morgan! Any others you’d add to the list?