The Next Generation Domain Suggestion Engine is Here!

| September 26, 2012

For over a decade, DomainTools has been helping users find domain names to register with our Domain Suggestions product at and through our API.  In fact, that original ‘name spinning’ tool was the first commercial product developed at DomainTools.

As part of the Marketplace product launch earlier this year, we created a second generation Domain Suggestion Engine to give users the choice between acquiring aftermarket domains (for sale) or available domains.  We use a completely new semantic search and gram technology to create great domain suggestions.  We present a prioritized list of domains currently for sale that match a user’s detailed search and filtering criteria in near real-time.

With the continued globalization of Internet usage, as well as the expansion of new gTLDs in 2013, we want to continue to innovate on this critically important search technology for the domain industry.   Today we are excited to launch a beta version of our new name spinning technology at  Here are some of the cool features we are working on:

* A new suggestion algorithm.  Our new algorithm can provide meaningful domain names, many of which may never have been registered before.  While no name spinning product is perfect, you will find the results on to be quite different than other tools in the market.  We use our market-leading domain data to help generate viable new suggestions, and we’ve included our proprietary Domain Score in the search results.

* Related words.  We display a related ‘word cloud’ to surface additional ideas that may help you find that perfect domain.

* Suggestions in many more TLDs.  .com is not the only TLD out there and we want to prepare for the expansion in gTLDs starting next year. not only supports all gTLDs, but can also offer suggestions in many ccTLDs as well.  We can do this by looking for DNS signals to tell us if a domain is already registered.

* Suggestions in more languages and IDNs.  Most domain suggestion tools focus on providing English suggestions. For many DomainTools users, like the Internet population broadly, English is not their native language nor the language they do (online) business in. We need this service to be useful for as large an audience as possible.  Try clicking on a TLD and entering search terms in German, Spanish, French or Italian.

Of particular interest to us are suggestions for Russian Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).  Until recently, Russian Internet users have had to navigate the web using domains with Latin characters.  Domain names could only contain A-Z, 0-9, and “-” (hyphen).  IDNs are gaining popularity, and the new Russian Federation “.РФ” TLD gives Russian users the ability to use domains in their native language and character set.  Here are some examples that show Russian language suggestions:

обувь (shoes)
книги (books)
компьютеры (computers)

* Trademark Filtering.  We’ve added some lightweight trademark filtering to help users avoid registering risky domain names.  Like all trademark tools out there, it is helpful but not exhaustive, which is why we have that disclaimer at the bottom of the page 🙂

* Data Processing.  Like the Marketplace service we launched earlier this year, we’ve continued to take advantage of Big Data processing solutions like Apache Hadoop & Hive.  These allow us to run the language analysis and gram processing on a cluster of servers in parallel, dramatically increasing the amount of data we can process and improving how quickly we can apply changes.

We intend to make incremental improvements in our suggestion algorithm and add new languages in the future.  These changes will make their way into our Marketplace, but in the meantime, we’re very excited to make available to the public and hear your feedback.


-Michael Klatt, VP R&D



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Michael joined DomainTools in 2005 and helped develop the back-end systems powering many of DomainTools' most popular products. He managed Engineering for 4 years before moving to his new role in R&D in 2012, where he focuses on exploring new technical opportunities & solutions. Michael is an expert in DNS and has deep experience with the collection and processing of Big Data. Before joining DomainTools, Michael's work primarily focused on developing email & anti-spam software, web application frameworks, and account management automation for ISPs. Michael holds a BS in Computer Science from Central Washington University.

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