Pruning Abusive Novice Accounts

Like any site with lots of data, DomainTools gets its share of spam accounts, scrape attacks, and other abusive efforts to harvest data.  Historically we have been somewhat tolerant of any efforts that we felt didn’t leak valuable data and didn’t affect the ability of our site to service our paying members and clients.  We try to keep our Engineering team focused on building valuable tools and maintaining our complex data processing systems, rather than fighting battles with spammers.  It’s also risky to shut down accounts at scale as you risk false positives in the abuse detection algorithm.

But today we have taken the first of several steps to clean up our account base and remove what we believe to be abusive and auto-generated novice accounts.  If we have mistakenly captured any novice or paying member accounts that should remain in good standing, we apologize and ask that you contact our Support team at:  MemberServices (at) DomainTools (dot) com.   By pruning abusive accounts we strive to maintain the highest levels of service availability and query speed that our users and members deserve.  Thanks for your understanding on this and future efforts to keep our userbase as clean as possible.