Announcing FREE Developer API Access

| August 7, 2012

Ever wanted to build a cool Whois app, or augment your domain name or DNS site with DomainTools’ data? Now you can, for free! With our new Developer API Access, you can get 500 Domain Profile and Whois lookups every month at no cost. That’s plenty to build a proof-of-concept or even to augment lookups on a small-scale site or app.

Wouldn’t your project be more impressive if you could flag domains that have history which pre-dates their create date? Include stats on how many other domains are on the same web host or name server.  Our Domain Profile API will give you that–and more.

The whois API is very simple but very powerful.  API users can access the largest and most accurate whois database at scale, and get enterprise-class response times to add ownership and contact data to the domain-centric part of your site or app.

Do you like FREE but hate limits? Well, there’s an app for that – try our Screenshots API.

You get current website screenshots in both thumbnail and full-size images, plus our entire historical screenshot database, for FREE. No authentication, no complex signed queries, just data and images. As long as you don’t try to harvest all the data from us we won’t even limit your access. Crazy, huh?  The DomainTools screenshots have very high engagement on our own site, and we expect they will provide valuable visual context for your users as well.

The biggest problem with our Screenshots API is that you now have no excuse to you show a bare list of domains in your app or site and not include pretty pictures to help the user know what those sites actually do! We couldn’t have made it easier for you: just build a simple URL and you’re done. There are 3 tiers in the DomainTools ‘stack’: harvest data, process data, present data. We’re pretty good at the first two, and those lend themselves to focused efforts and significant IT leverage. But even with 10x the people we have now, we could never imagine all of the ways that Whois and DNS data can be manifested in whole or in part for useful products, apps and sites. These APIs are the first step in allowing our users and partners to build on top of the DomainTools platform.

So let us know what you come up with! Comment ont his blog or email us at MemberServices (at) DomainTools (dot) com to tell us how you’re using our APIs. We are eager to hear your stories.

Be sure to read our press release about our FREE APIs here and for more background details about our API development, read our previous blog post.


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Mark has spent more than eight years at DomainTools helping major brand holders, cyber security companies, large Internet organizations and leading incident responders investigate online threats with DNS and Whois data. He has held engineering and product leadership roles at the company, led business development and partner integration activities, and pioneered sales relationships with major public and private organizations. Mark now leads partnership discussions with leading cybersecurity product companies and manages relationships with DomainTools customers in the public sector. He is based in Seattle, WA.

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  1. cybertonic says:


    Look likes our FREE escrow service for sales under $500 at inspired you.

    We already get advantage of your FREE screenshots API last month. shows the snapshot of the domain appraised, example:

    We may get this opportunity of this FREE offer to test API.