20 Most Popular Left of the Dot Domain Names

A few weeks ago, we posted an article where were able to take a deep dive into our data, looking closely at the presence of unique domain names across TLDs.

At the same time, we also looked at domain names based on the number of TLDs they exist in. Below is an infographic of the top 20 most popular ‘left of the dot’ domain names, based on the data available to DomainTools:


There are definitely some head scratchers here:

  • Someone obviously thinks ‘booking’ is a hugely valuable term to own on the internet.  More popular than ‘news’.  Wow!
  • Nobody here had ever heard of Gohoto before today.  Probably our local (U.S.) bias but still it’s a bit shocking to see a company we had never heard of on the list of 10 brands above.
  • Is ‘yellowpages’ a term that anyone else related to outside of the U.S.?  It is likely a trademarked term here and possibly in other jurisdictions, and a branding play to extend that company/site name worldwide.

Any additional thoughts?