A Screenshot a Day

| December 20, 2011

It’s been over a week since we launched Screenshots.com on December 6th. We’re excited to have this live for all of you to use. To those who have sent us feedback on the site, thank you!

Please feel free to continue sharing your thoughts with us regarding the site functionality or anything else that comes to mind. You can share feedback by commenting on this blog or send us an email via Support(at)Screenshots(dot)com. You can also feel free to post messages via Twitter or comment on our Screenshots.com Facebook page wall.

With that said, we’ve started posting a screenshot a day on our Screenshots Facebook page.

Every day, we post a newly updated screenshot from our archive. It’s a great way to gain insight into websites that you may not be aware of (or ones that you have been aware of but haven’t visited recently!).

Be sure to friend us on Facebook to receive these daily Screenshot updates in your Facebook news feed!



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  1. bestbusinessbrands_1 says:

    A Screenshot a Day takes the sadness away…Happy New Year to all!


  2. qslsupport_1436 says:

    Very useful portal it just need to integrate other countries and crawl new sites.