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| February 16, 2011

Domaintools GearAn Improved Website, Plus More Flexible Membership Options

DRUMROLL please…DomainTools launches a fresh, new and improved site!  We are excited to announce that now is even better! The new website is now LIVE(be sure to check out what’s new)!

The goal of the revamped website is to create a more user-friendly experience for all visitors while offering more customized, flexible membership and service options. We listened to feedback from our core user groups and analyzed usage patterns, breaking things down to create a membership system reflective of activities that provide the most value to members across the board.

For those who kept suggesting a universal utility bar, it’s now ever present on the website. For those who wanted the ability to only buy Hosting History or some other service, now you can. For those that demand more insight into account usage, you can have it.

Overall DomainTools Improvements Include:

  • New Look and Feel to
  • Easier Website Navigation
  • Flexible Memberships and A la Carte Pricing
  • Enhanced Account Reporting

We hope that you find the new website to be a more engaging experience, and that all of our service options better accommodate your needs. We encourage you to navigate the new website to see the improvements and to review all of the membership and service options now available! For those who kept suggesting a universal utility bar, it  is now ever present on the website.

Additional Resources:

We have already received some great feedback regarding the website, including this one from domain industry expert and editor of, Andrew Allemann. “One of the big DomainTools improvements is simplifying account usage.  I no longer have to calculate how many credits certain services cost and it’s much easier to understand.”

For more in-depth details and background information around the new website and membership structure, be sure to read our press release.

We Welcome Your Feedback:

Please send any comments you may have to Thank you in advance for your thoughts!


To kick things off with the new and membership options, we are stirring up some fun:

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Choose from One of the Following:

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A video announcing the drawing will be posted to DomainTools’ Facebook page!



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  1. michael91806 says:

    With the exception of an outage this morning, the new Domain Tools website is working without incident for both IE and FireFox. I had IE problems with the old website for the last month but the new website appears to have resolved these problems. I also was unable to post to the BLOG with either IE or FireFox and that problem is obviously now fixed.

    I am starting to like the new format. I would like to see IP Explorer on the Research Tool Bar and not the bottom of the page, as I use it all the time, but with the ICON it is more prominently displayed.

    Now if you only supported the creation of a prepaid corporate account to which reports can be charged I will promises not to complain for the rest of the year. The new My Account interface is a very big improvement, so I still have hope for a prepaid corporate account. Actually with the new My Account format, I discovered that I had more resource than I thought I had; I quickly fixed that little problem.

    I would like to see the Homepage a bit less cluttered. How about an option for registered users to forgo the advertising? There is not point in preaching to the converted!

    All in all a great job!


  2. michael91806 says:

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) seized 26 Domains and shuts down 84,000 websites by mistake, according to the Drudge Report. The DHS is hacking the Root Name Servers and has created an out of control Wildcard Zone File. We all need to start talking again. Try this URL:[dot]h6AaWr, to see what an out of control Wildcard Zone File looks like. And yes, I recorded everything is Domain Tools; Name Server Spy is fantastic. It is a terrible thing when you have to go the Drudge Report to be breaking Doman Name news.


  3. michael91806 says:

    I just did an analysis in Excel for the cost of converting my legacy Gold Membership to the new account structure using the Professional Membership. Unless I am totally misreading the information which Domain Tools has provided, I am looking at a minimum price increase of 300%. If I include realistic estimates for “Reverse IP”, “WhoIs History” and “Hosting History” I am most likely looking a price increase of 1,000% and even that may be low.

    Even more perplexing is that Professional Membership provides 100 units for “Name Server Alert”, which I would never use. If I use the Standard Membership model the base increase is 350% or 450% depending on now I factor in “Reverse IP”, “WhoIs History” and “Hosting History”. With realistic estimates for these resources, the price increase appears to be about 1,200%.

    For example, I use IP Explorer all the time. If I lookup the contents of a Class C which contains 100 active IP Address, would that single lookup use my 100 IP’s/Month for a Professional Membership? This has serious implications for my continued use of Domain Tools.

    I truly hope that I am wrong with these numbers. Can Domain Tools provide a cost estimate for upgrading Legacy Gold Membership to one of the new memberships? As Domain Tools will not accept purchases orders and my company discourages the use of credit cards for this type of purchase, this new model is going the create serious problems for me if my interpretation of the pricing structure is correct. Yes, the old pricing model was too complex and difficult to understand, the new pricing model may be even worse.

    I was very excited about the new Domain Tools and still am, until I started reading the fine print and crunching the numbers. Please don’t start nickel and diming your customers.


  4. Thank you Mike for the posts. Changes are always difficult and not always embraced. I appreciate your positive response to the new look and layout. Regarding the issue of cost, yes, our prices have increased for new members. We have not raised prices in over 5 years. In fact, I believe the price per “unit” access has been the same since the inception of DomainTools. That said, your membership, as an existing DomainTools member, remains at the same price and level of access as before. A goal I had with the new site and new membership model was more control and flexibility for corporate and enterprise customers to service their access and payment needs. This includes method of payments such as purchase orders as you mention. Please inquire with memberservices for information about setting up an enterprise account. -Susan