DomainTools 2010 Holiday Party

| December 21, 2010

As 2010 is coming to a close and we prepare ourselves for the new year, all DomainTools employees gathered together for some good food and holiday cheer. Our holiday party was held last Thursday, December 16. It was a fun day filled with laughs and a little competition!

Part 1: Delicious Food & ‘Who Done It’ contest at Table 219

We had quite a buffet feast at Table 219 with plenty of comfort food options to choose from: pork sliders, sweet potato fries, salad, roasted garlic & bacon deviled eggs, mini tuna tartar tacos, mac ‘n cheese with truffle oil, and more.

Once everyone had time to eat and mingle, we began playing a holiday-themed game so everyone could figure out how well we really know each other. We played ‘Who Done It’ with a winter/holiday twist! (If you’d like a refresher on what the game is, you can read about it here).

We had pages of ‘Who Done It’ entries we mulled over – here’s a sampling:

*Once pointed out to someone at a 4-H party that they had misspelled ‘Christmas’ on the holiday cake they made by using a PA system

*Totaled my car while out buying holiday presents and now my wife has an $8,000 KitchenAid mixer

*Ate a friend’s Christmas present due to dinner being burnt on a snowed-in Christmas day (the present was boxed Seattle salmon that was supposed to be sent the following day)

*Delivered nearly 1,000 packages in one day while working for UPS during the holiday season

*Went to a Midwest university. During my senior year, I remember walking to class when the temperature was -5 and the windchill was -40 and not a single final exam was canceled

*When I was 12, my big present from Santa Claus was my very first stereo. As  stocking stuffers, I got a replacement needle for the phonograph and BOTH the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever and KISS Love Gun…on 8-track. Good times…

*Have fond memories of helping cars out of being stuck in the snow for extra holiday money

*Was busted by cops for piling old Christmass trees in a friend’s yard in the middle of the night

*Found someone’s pet mouse in the snow – the mouse was WHITE!

*Was never allowed to decorate for Christmas until December 15th…but we left our Christmas lights on the outside of the house all year round

*Built snow tunnels and proceeded to have an outdoor picnic in them once with the neighborhood kids – hot chocolate was not a good idea!

*Celebrate Christmas right on midnight every year and I purchase most of my family gifts on Christmas eve

*When it snowed, the neighborhood kids and I would fix up a dummy in snow clothes and tie it next to a parked car and we’d hide behind the car. When drivers would stop to check the dummy, we would throw snowballs at them and run!

… proved to be a very difficult game to play but Tim Perez was up to the challenge. He scored a whopping 75% correct and collected the grand prize of $100.

Part 2: Bowling at The Garage

Next we walked a few blocks to The Garage, a fun place to gather for bowling or pool.  The DomainTools King of bowling that night was our CEO, Tim Chen! He was on a roll with 4 strikes in a row!

To see more DomainTools holiday party photos, visit our Facebook page – and friend us if you have not done so yet.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a wonderful new year from all of us at DomainTools!


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