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| February 22, 2013

Most people reading this blog are probably aware that Microsoft is force-converting Hotmail users to its new Outlook email service this week. And as many of you know, ‘Hotmail’ is one of the most cybersquatted brands of all-time. With Outlook being an emerging global brand, it provides a good use case for our newly expanded Brand Monitoring service. Granted, Microsoft announced the launch of last August, and that is when most of the aggressive domain registrations likely happened. But as expected, the formal launch of this week has generated a large number of new Outlook-related domain registrations. Here are a few examples of such domains in some of the new TLDs we monitor:

None of these domains are owned by Microsoft. Of course the Brand Monitor product still covers our most popular TLDs, including .com: (since deleted) 

All of these registered this month as well.If you have brands and trademarks with global appeal, and care about abusive domain registration activity, I hope you’ll check out our newly updated TLD coverage within Brand Monitor.


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Tim Chen is a proven business development and operational executive, having worked in and around Internet and software companies for over 15 years. Tim has been the CEO of DomainTools for four years, appointed during the May 2009 spin out of DomainTools from Thought Convergence, Inc. (TCI). Before joining DomainTools, Tim spent a year as TCI's Vice President of Corporate Development and 2.5 years leading the domain acquisition efforts for Internet REIT, one of the first venture funded domain investment companies. Tim started in the domain world in 2005 by incubating new business ideas with Mark Pincus (Founder of Zynga) and a small team of engineers in San Francisco. Prior to focusing on the domain and DNS communities, Tim spent seven years in business development executive roles with Internet and software companies in the Bay Area, and four years in the Corporate Finance group at J.P. Morgan in New York. Originally from Rochester, New York, Tim is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Haverford College, has an MBA from Stanford University, and sits on the board of, an automated retirement planning service.

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  1. Jhon Carter says:

    Microsoft is in action :) its good but why not hotmail ? its a easy to understand is microsoft is easier ??